Social Workers Make a Difference!

Social Workers at Osborn provide many services that help patients with needs that extend beyond medical.  They are trained counselors and can assist with patients and families who may be experiencing many behavioral health issues such as depression, anxiety, and stress reduction. All counseling sessions are free and confidential.

Families also benefit from many "extras" at Osborn that we believe strengthen the family and help reduce some challenges in their lives.  Some examples of support programs are:

  1. Reach Out and Read:free books for children immunization visits to promote early reading and "prescribed" by their pediatricians.

  2. Back to School Supplies such as back packs, pens, notebooks, crayons etc.

  3. Clothing Boutique:gentlyused clothing for all patient ages

  4. Connecting Families to Resources

  5. Marketplace for Living: health screening and produce distribution during summer months

Something is always happening at Osborn to create a place of support and healing and social workers are instrumental in making sure each and every patient is attended to in every way possible.